Parents and families, now that we have experienced a taste of the winter weather and conditions to come, we would like to remind everyone of our commitment to keeping our parking area, student walk ways and bus lanes safe for all.

If you are dropping your children off before school, the best practice is to park safely on neighbouring streets, paying attention to the “No Parking” signs.

If you plan to drop off your child at our walkway from West River Rd., please remember that access to our parking area is prohibited. This is an exit for the bus lane. Please obey the signage at the end the driveway indicating DO NOT ENTER, as this is one way only. This is for the safety of our students and their families.

As student safety is of utmost importance, the practice of turning around in our neighbours driveways, is very dangerous. Please be respectful of our neighbours driveways by not blocking them as you park in the parking zones on the indicated streets. As there is no throughway for parents please avoid driving directly to the school.

We are not exhempt from the city bylaws pertaining to parking which are posted clearly on the streets surruonding the school.

Your compliance with procedures is a working partnership with the school to keep everyone safe.