Tait Street Public School, located in the south-west end of Cambridge, is a junior kindergarten – grade 6 school. Our school enrollment is currently 502 students. Our staff, of about 44, includes classroom teachers, special education teachers, French teachers, special education assistants, a child and youth worker, a library clerk, secretaries, custodians, a vice-principal and the principal. The staff works very closely together to provide a welcoming, safe environment where high expectations are set and students are encouraged to do their personal best.

A strong, supportive parent community and council enhance the work of staff and students. Approximately 100 volunteers help, on a regular basis, in the classroom with reading and writing support for our students, extra opportunities to review concepts and skills and on off-campus trips.

Our grade 6 students are provided with leadership opportunities which include bus and safety patrol, office helpers, lunch room assistants and primary classroom assistants. A strong focus has been placed upon good citizenship skills and responsibility for self and personal learning. A citizen award, called the Irene Schmidt Award, is awarded annually to two grade six students who demonstrate strong leadership and good citizenship skills and who do their very best in their day-to-day job of school. Good citizenship skills, commitment to task and responsibility for self are recognized and celebrated on a regular basis.

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Heather Schumann